Welcome to our comprehensive world of chocolate and cocoa brands.

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Welcome to our world of chocolate and cocoa. And so much more...

Here we talk, breathe and love chocolate and we think about what it can do for your food products 


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The pow(d)er of success. Bensdorp's high-quality cocoa powders are a certified ingredient of your success.

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Cacao Barry

Inspiration from nature

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We believe that when talents come together, something beautiful will grow out of it. Throughout our history, we have been inspired by the perfectionism of Belgian chocolate makers, to develop the premium chocolates they can rely on. In turn, our chocolates inspire them to new heights of creativity. 

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A Caprimo for every season. Discover our complete assortment of vending products and convenient portion sachets for home and out-of-home consumption.

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It all begins with a Swiss entrepreneurial innovator and a man with a sweet tooth, our founding father Carl Maentler, from whom the name of the company was derived: Carma

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Chocolate Masters

With our enormous range of decorations you can make the most amazing creations, each of them unique! They won’t only enrich your dessert, pastry or confectionery but also boost your sales. Every creation food manufacturers, pastry chefs, chocolatiers or bakeries have in mind, we make it happen!

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Chocovic has been manufacturing chocolate and cacao derivatives for all kinds of professional uses since 1872, offering top quality products specially created to facilitate the daily work of pastry chefs and bakers, such as chocolate, fillings and compound coatings with vegetable fats.

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IBC logo


IBC, International Business company, founded in 1990 started as a distributor of general pastry and decoration products such as moulds, trays, stencils etc. Since 1997 the company started the production of transfer sheets, designs made especially to print on chocolates. IBC became a member of the Barry Callebaut group in 2008.

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Mona Lisa logo

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa will be your pulse in trends on color, food and design. They bring out your inner artist when decorating your desserts, pastries, or any other of your chocolate creations.

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Le Royal logo

Le Royal

Le Royal is dedicated to vending and offers a full range of ingredients of premium quality at a competitive price level. The comprehensive Le Royal product range consists of chocolate and cocoa beverages, cappuccino and coffee drinks, tea as well as white products such as toppings, granulated skimmed milk or whiteners – the portfolio also includes both Fairtrade hot chocolate and Fairtrade Coffee.

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La Morella Nuts

La Morella Nuts

Explore what la Morella nut pastes, pralines and crocants can do for your ice cream, confectionery, biscuits and desserts.

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Sicao logo


Sicao is the new chocolate generation in Brazil. Thanks to Barry Callebaut's knowledge and tradition of over 150 years high quality chocolate production, Sicao products have been adapted to the taste and recipes of Brazil.

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Van Houten Professional

Van Houten is a very traditional European brand. In 2008 Barry Callebaut launched the Van Houten Professional brand in Asia-Pacific to meet the highest expectations of bakers and pastry chefs. Discover our comprehensive range of fine chocolate and compound products for all your favorite recipes. 

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Van Houten Drinks

Van Houten is all about great chocolate drinks for any moment of the day. When you are choosing Van Houten, you are choosing: Quality - Authenticity - Indulgence - Good conscience

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VanLeer offers a full range of pure chocolates, coatings and sugar free products that meet the everyday needs of North American confection, bakery and pastry professionals.

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