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Hot dark chocolate drinks

Dark chocolate drinks

Absolutely love hot chocolate drinks boasting rich notes of roasted cocoa? These dark delights will keep your customers covered.

Hot milk chocolate drinks

Milk chocolate drinks

Everyone adores milk chocolate! Dive into a wide variety of high-quality hot chocolate drinks ranging from a velvety smooth aftertaste to intensely creamy texture.

hot milk chocolate drinks

White chocolate drinks

White is the new taste sensation! Let your guests indulge in its milky, creamy taste, velvety smooth mouthfeel and brilliant white looks.


Hot chocolate drinks less sugar

Chocolate drinks less sugar

Treat health-minded foodies to the same smooth sensation of a hot chocolate drink with a rich froth and well-rounded taste. Now that’s choco drink bliss!

Fairtrade Chocolate

Fairtrade chocolate drinks

Offer delicious hot chocolate drinks while empowering farmer cooperatives! With every cup, you and your customers support the sustainable chain of Fairtrade cocoa.



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