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Moka Coconat

Hard compound, perfect for coating or covering pastries with cocoa paste, easy to apply with a shiny finish. No palm, no hydro fats.

P 140

Fully hydrogenated dark chocolate compound with a low percentage of cocoa content.

P 250

100% Hydrogenated dark chocolate compound that provides creations with a chocolate flavour.

Pl 100

Hydrogenated milk chocolate compound.

Pg 23

Extremely shiny dark chocolate compound.

P 20/45

Highly fluid dark chocolate compound.

P 200

Hydrogenated dark chocolate compound ideal for everyday creations.


Hydrogenated white chocolate compound.


Hydrogenated white chocolate compound.


Hydrogenated white chocolate compound.

Superbrill 250

Dark chocolate compound with a high percentage of cocoa content. Melts easily in the mouth.

Superbrill 170

Dark chocolate compound that melts easily in the mouth. Ideal for everyday creations.

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