Sustainable Sourcing

As part of our Forever Chocolate Strategy, Barry Callebaut has committed to sourcing 100% sustainable ingredients by 2025. Our Supplier Code and Sustainable Sourcing Policies lay out the framework for our sustainable sourcing activities and have recently been updated in collaboration with various stakeholders in order to reflect our Forever Chocolate strategy and ambitions.

The updated Supplier Code details our expectations towards suppliers with regards to compliance with laws and regulations, human rights as well as environmental impact. In order to ensure its relevance and to reflect our Forever Chocolate strategy and objectives, we have updated the Code as well as added some sections, e.g. on environmental impact and free prior and informed consent. The Supplier Code now also contains mandatory requirements that we expect all our suppliers to comply with as well as guidance for continuous improvement that helps suppliers to further improve beyond the minimum requirements.

The Supplier Code is shared with and needs to be acknowledged by all our suppliers.

In addition, we have published a sustainable sourcing guideline and developedĀ a set of ingredient-specific guidelines with detailed provisions for ingredients such as palm oil, vanilla, sugarcane, dairy products and more.

These new guidelines supplement our existing Supplier Code.

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