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Organic Dark Chocolate Chips M

Organic dark chocolate chips vibrated. Non bakestable.


Pralin Feuilletine™, a ready-to-use preparation with unrivalled crunchiness!

This ready-to-use preparation is a delicious blend of Cacao Barry's original Pralin Feuilletine™, praline made from carefully selected almonds and hazelnuts, and exquisite milk chocolate.

This Cacao Barry creation is as seductive in its complexity as in its simplicity of use: the harmony of hazelnut and almond notes in the praline, coupled with the lightness of crushed Brittany real pur butter crêpe dentelle, offers a depth of flavour and brings a delicate flaky texture to your creation. A crunchy filling ideal for your pastries such as Royals chocolates, Trianons, crispy chocolate tarts, Paris-Brest as well as your praline interiors of chocolate bonbons ...

The chocolate in this product contains Cocoa Horizons-certified cacao beans. By purchasing this product, you are helping to protect biodiversity and improve the living conditions of cacao farmers and their families.

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