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White chocolate eyes with cocoa print (Cocoa Art) will become a part of your concept. Pair them with Bunny ears for Easter or Deer Antlers for a winter look!

Rectangle Love

The Dark rectangle Love plaque (L: 60, W: 29, H: 2.7mm) has a great Chocolate snap because of its fine texture! This plaque could be used to decorate cakes, domes and even confectionery. It’s perfect for Valentines.

Kissing Heart
Kissing Hearts plaques (L: 50, W: 45mm) have the perfect chocolate snap! These thin and elegant decorations could be used for pastries, confectionery and cakes. Ideal for Valentines' Day!
Flower Hearts
Pink and cream flowers printed on a thin dark heart. This cute 22mm diameter decoration can be placed on top of éclairs, cupcakes and small pastries to brighten creations
Duo Heart

White chocolate hearts (L: 34, W:34 mm) are the perfect way to make visitors fall in love with your creations. Add a colourful twist to your delight!


Just a perfect Valentine heart to decorate a cake, a chocolate bar or small pastries.

Easter Figurettes
Yellow Easter figurettes (L: 40, W: 29mm) to add character to your creations. They have a delicate thickness and are ideal for decorating choux, cakes and ice creams.
Egg Flower
White chocolate Eggs (L: 30, W: 24mm) with a modern colourful print. These decorations are perfect for Easter indulgence. For more Easter decorations, take a look at Mona Lisa's seasonal range.
Chicken in Shell
Adorable hatching chick decoration (L: 32, W: 35mm) that immediately adds a fun element to your creations. You could use this to decorate your, cakes, éclairs, and pastries. Perfect for Easter! Why not check out the other decorations in our Easter range?
Easter chicks

Chocolate chicks (L: 30, W: 28,5) will add sunny colors and cute look to your creation. Tip: perfect in combination with Easter bunnies

Easter bunnies

Chocolate bunnies (L: 30, W: 42 mm) are the perfect last step for you to transform your delight into appealing pastry wonders! Want more Playful pets? Add some Easter chicks.

Goldie flowers

Chocolate flowers (L: 24, W: 25 mm) will make your creation shine! Ideal for cakes, pastries and ice creams.

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