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Decorating chocolates
Welcome to our comprehensive world of chocolate and cocoa brands.

Products for Artisans & Chefs / Food Service

Cacao Barry chocolate cake

Professional users rely on Barry Callebaut’s premium chocolate products.

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Discover our brands and products

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Terms & Conditions of Sale

The Terms & Conditions of Sale of Barry Callebaut

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Products for Food Manufacturers


Welcome to our world of chocolate & cocoa and so much more.... Here we talk, breathe and love chocolate and we think about what it can do for your food products

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Cocoa products

Bensdorp cocoa powders

The pow(d)er of success. Bensdorp's high-quality cocoa powders are a certified ingredient of your success

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Beverage products and vending operators

Beverage operators

Barry Callebaut’s main beverage brands represent a rich variety of chocolate, cocoa and cappuccino vending mixes.

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