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ISM 2019 in Cologne turned RUBY this year

What's new

Whats new?

Delicious products from our wide range which are particularly on trend in 2019.
Wholesome choice

Wholesome chocolate: discover our 4 ranges

Discover our 4 ranges of healthy chocolate ingredients | Sugar reduced, free-from, vegan, organic, protein, rich in fiber | For all chocolate applications
Bake stable products

Bake stable products

Answer consumers’ need to experiment. Give a twist to classic bakes, without any technical constraints. Find out more about or bake stable products here.
Swiss made chocolate

Swiss chocolate

Swiss chocolate is unrivaled with its signature creaminess & fresh milky taste. Discover our range of skillfully crafted Swiss chocolates.
Low water activity Awesome Fillings

Multisensorial experiences with our truly awesome fillings

Bring a multisensorial dimension to your creations with our aWesome fruit and chocolate fillings with low water activity.
Water activity in confectionery and bakery

Water activity

Our R&D expert explains everything about water activity and why Barry Callebaut developed a unique low water activity fillings range.
Barry Callebaut Sugar solutions

5 wholesome sugar solutions for chocolate

Please Healthy Agers and Millennials with wholesome sugar reduced chocolate solutions.
Special dietary solutions

Special dietary solutions

Use our ingredients that are lactose-free or 'without added dairy' to give an alternative for intolerances or allergies. Everybody, also people with a vegan or gluten-free diet should be able to enjoy great tasting chocolate.

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