Santo Domingo Chocolate Drink

Looking for a 100% natural and organic hot chocolate drink that’s single origin? Van Houten® Santo Domingo has an intense roasted cocoa taste and subtle hints of vanilla.

The new Van Houten® Santo Domingo is an organic hot chocolate that’s 100% natural

Hot chocolate drink


What makes this two-component drink so special?

Made up of only organic sugar and UTZ-certified organic cocoa from thriving terroir of the Dominican Republic, it boasts an intense cocoa taste packed with roasted cocoa notes and a fresh hint of vanilla to top it off. It is the perfect chocolate drink for every chocolate-lover! And the ultimate hot chocolate to update your vending or table top machine with. 

Why go for a single origin choice in your drinks offer?

More than ever, people are inspired by the stories behind the products they buy. A recent study1 shows that 56% of global consumers make a purchase based on brand story alone. And a cultural celebration of a single origin, is definitely one of those stories that speaks to a lot of interested consumers. Flavours from around the world tell a story that’s authentic, unique. Like the hot chocolate drink Van Houten Santo Domingo, made with organic cocoa beans grown in the Dominican Republic. These cocoa beans have grown in a tropical climate with an extremely rich trade heritage. And it’s because they are so influenced by a combination of tropical winds, migrating high temperatures and humidity that they provide such an intense, roasted flavour profile that’s incredibly balanced at the same time.


1Innova Consumer Survey, 2019

Sustainability reigns supreme on the food market

Consumer expectations surrounding sustainability are skyrocketing. Consumers today don’t just place an increased importance on sustainability when choosing products, it makes or breaks newly launched innovations entering the food and drinks market. Becoming more resource efficient, and supporting sustainable agricultural practices has become a must. Because what’s better for the planet, is better for all of us. Van Houten Santo Domingo Single Origin Hot Chocolate is made with 100% UTZ certified cocoa. With respect for agricultural practices, and an organic source for each bean.

Van Houten® Santo Domingo

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