It’s now official. The Van Houten Santo Domingo hot-chocolate drink is an award winner. The Gold Catering Star has been bestowed on our single-origin hot chocolate at the Cooking + Catering Star awards in Germany. But this is only part of the story ... Because Santo Domingo also impressed the judges at the UK Quality Food Awards. They officially commended Van Houten Santo Domingo hot chocolate, describing it as:
‘solid, dependable hot chocolate’, ‘rich in flavour’ with ‘a lovely chocolatey finish’. Which means they described not only Santo Domingo, but also the hot chocolate all of us have always dreamed of …
Judges at the UK Quality Food Awards

Thirsting for a 100% natural and organic hot chocolate drink?

Van Houten® Santo Domingo mixes the intense taste of roasted organic cocoa with subtle hints of vanilla for the perfect hot-chocolate treat.

You’ll only make quality hot chocolate with quality ingredients. At Van Houten, we use nothing but the best organic sugar and cocoa. And not just any cocoa ... Our Rainforest Alliance-certified organic cocoa comes from the Dominican Republic. It has that intense cocoa taste that sends tastebuds into a frenzy of delight. You’ll not only taste the delicious notes of roasted organic cocoa, but also a delicate hint of fresh vanilla—the perfect complement—delivering the ultimate in indulgence.

Van Houten Santo Domingo -story origin cocoa beans
  • 100% natural.
  • 33% full-fat chocolate drink powder for the perfect taste and texture.
  • Sustainably sourced, single origin, Rainforest Alliance-certified organic cocoa and organic sugar.
  • Officially commended by judges at the UK Quality Food Awards.
  • Winner of the 2020 Cooking + Catering Gold Star award for ‘Drinks’ in Germany.

A story that sells

A recent study[1] has found that 56% of global consumers will make a purchase based on brand story alone. With our organic cocoa beans originating in the Dominican Republic, Van Houten Santo Domingo tells a powerful story. But this is not all. Because these same beans deliver a delicious taste. Incredible quality too. As proven by the awards we are proud to have won! Our hot chocolate sells itself. You just need to make sure you have it ready to offer your consumers. And not only for the first time, but every time they return!


[1] Innova Consumer Survey, 2019


Van Houten Santo Domingo - sustainable cocoa

A single-origin hot chocolate drink

As a reference to the rich heritage (and the capital city) of the Dominican Republic, we named our chocolate drink ‘Santo Domingo’. An exotic tale for consumers. As well as our show of pride in the origins of our hot-chocolate drink and its unique flavour. 

A story of sustainability

At every step of the farming processes for our hot-chocolate drink, Van Houten has insisted on sustainable agricultural practices. Our Santo Domingo single-origin hot chocolate is made with 100% Rainforest Alliance-certified organic cocoa beans farmed by farmers under fair conditions. A single-origin, resource-efficient product is an important step on the path we all need to take towards a better planet. A path more and more consumers are insisting on taking.

Van Houten Santo Domingo - commended awards winner

Easily prepared

Van Houten Santo Domingo is incredibly user-friendly, delivering organic, hot-chocolate magic every time! It dissolves perfectly, even in a table-top machine or a barista machine. The instructions are presented clearly on the pack, so there’s no need to rack your brain trying to remember dosages. Our tip? Once you’ve mixed your all-natural, hot-chocolate drink, take just a moment to truly appreciate the incredible aroma of the single-origin cocoa beans … And then it’s time for the ultimate in chocolate indulgence!

Discover Van Houten Santo Domingo

  • VH Santo Domingo Organic UTZ

    Born in Dominican Republic’s tropical winds, high temperatures and humidity, Santo Domingo’s organic cocoa beans come from a thriving terroir. These rare, single-origin beans provide an intense cocoa taste packed with roasted notes, pleasant bitterness and a subtle hint of vanilla. Enjoy this organic hot chocolate that is 100% natural and contains 33% full-fat, UTZ-certified cocoa. The clean label instant hot chocolate drink!

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