Investments and long-term Outsourcing Agreements


Investments and long-term Outsourcing Agreements

Some important Investments and long-term Outsourcing Agreements in the Barry Callebaut Group's history
2022 Barry Callebaut to establish production footprint in Morocco through partnership with Attelli Morocco
2022 Barry Callebaut opens new CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Center in Casablanca Morocco
2022 Barry Callebaut plans USD 104 million investment in new specialty chocolate factory in Ontario Canada
2021 Barry Callebaut inaugurates chocolate factory in Novi Sad Serbia
2021 Hershey and Barry Callebaut extend strategic supply agreement U.S.A.

Barry Callebaut to open third factory in Kaliningrad

2021 Barry Callebaut signs long-term outsourcing agreement with Atlantic Stark Serbia
2020 Significant new outsourcing contract in Region EEMEA EEMEA
2020 Adding 4th production line in Singapore Singapore
2019 Opening of new office and CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Center in Beijing China
2019 Major expansion of cocoa processing capacities Côte d'Ivoire
2019 Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Serbia and the City of Novi Sad to construct a first chocolate factory in Southeastern Europe Serbia
2019 Barry Callebaut to build new Global Distribution Center in Lokeren Belgium
2019 Groundbreaking of new chocolate factory in Baramati India
2019 Start-up of new chocolate factory in Rancaekek Indonesia
2019 Opening of the 23rd CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Center in Antwerp Belgium
2018 Transaction with Burton’s Biscuit Company completed U.K.
2018 Barry Callebaut enters into long-term supply agreement with Burton’s Biscuit Company U.K.
2017 Barry Callebaut opens its 20th CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Milan and upgrades its centers in Mumbai, Shanghai, and Singapore Italy
2017 Barry Callebaut announce the opening of their new offices in Mexico City, and the refurbished in-house CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center Mexico
2017 American Almond celebrates move to new facility U.S.A.
2016 Strategic partnership with Tony’s Chocolonely to produce chocolate from fully traceable cocoa Netherlands
2016 Opening of Beverage Academy Sweden
2016 Barry Callebaut to extend strategic supply partnership with Mondelēz International in Halle factory Belgium
2016 Barry Callebaut celebrates grand opening of its first chocolate factory in Gresik Indonesia
2016 Barry Callebaut expands chocolate manufacturing facility in Singapore Singapore
2016 Barry Callebaut announces further capacity investments at its American Canyon factory in California U.S.A.
2016 Barry Callebaut completes acquisition of chocolate production facility in Halle Belgium
2015 Opening of a new CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Japan, the Group’s 19th training center in the world and its fourth in Region Asia Pacific Japan
2015 GarudaFood and Barry Callebaut enter long-term supply agreement in Indonesia - Barry Callebaut’s first compound chocolate outsourcing agreement in Southeast Asia Indonesia
2015 Barry Callebaut opens first Cocoa Application Center in Asia Pacific Malaysia
2015 Establishing a Shared Service Center (SSC) in Lodz, for bundling transactional activities in Europe Poland
2015 Inauguration of a new, modernized CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Moscow Russia
2015 Signing of a long-term outsourcing agreement with World’s Finest® Chocolate based in Chicago, including acquisition of their manufacturing assets U.S.A.
2015 Building of a new compound chocolate factory in Pune India
2015 Opening of a new CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Cologne Germany
2015 Opening of the first CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in the Middle East in Dubai U.A.E.
2014 Official inauguration of Barry Callebaut’s first chocolate factory in Chile Chile
2014 Announcement about the expansion of the Brazilian chocolate factory in Extrema Brazil
2014 Opening of new Callebaut® flagship CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Wieze Belgium
2014 Start of production in new, relocated chocolate factory in Tagasaki Japan
2013 Inauguration of the 16th CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center on the premises of the Barry Callebaut Group’s EEMEA headquarters in Istanbul Turkey
2013 Inauguration of the Group’s first chocolate factory in Turkey located in Eskişehir Turkey
2013 Opening of a cocoa factory in Makassar Indonesia
2013 Inauguration of the first Cocoa Center of Excellence to promote advanced agricultural techniques Côte d’Ivoire
2013 Opening of an expanded state-of-the-art chocolate factory in Toluca Mexico
2013 Signing of first long-term outsourcing agreement in South America with Arcor Chile
2012 Barry Callebaut and Unilever sign long-erm partnership agreement Global
2012 Barry Callebaut and Morinaga to extend partnership in Japan Japan
2012 Barry Callebaut to become long-term supplier of Grupo Bimbo Mexico
2011 Barry Callebaut and P.T. Comextra Majora enter into joint venture to form P.T. Barry Callebaut Comextra Indonesia Indonesia
2011 Signing of long-term outsourcing agreement with Chocolates Turín Mexico
2011 Expansion of supply agreement with Hershey U.S.A.
2010 Signing of a major outsourcing contract with Kraft Foods Inc. U.S.A.
2010 Opening of a chocolate factory in Extrema Brazil
2009 Distribution agreement signed with Bunge Alimentos Brazil
2008 Opening of a chocolate factory in Monterrey Mexico
2008 Opening of CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centers in Suzhou (China), Zundert (Netherlands), Chekhov (Russia) and Chicago (U.S.) Global
2008 Opening of a chocolate factory in Suzhou China
2007 Major cooperation between Barry Callebaut and Nestlé in Europe, Hershey’s and Cadbury Europe
2007 Barry Callebaut and Hershey complete strategic agreement U.S.A.
2007 Barry Callebaut announces increased co-operation with Cadbury Schweppes Poland
2007 Outsourcing agreement with Morinaga in Japan and start of production in new factory Japan
2007 Opening of CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Mumbai India
2007 Opening of a chocolate factory in Chekhov Russia
2005 Opening of a chocolate factory in California U.S.A.


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