Diverse People,
Sustainable Growth.

WHY Diversity & Inclusion is Fundamental to Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut is a growth company: we can only grow our company if we keep developing our teams and ourselves. 

  • Diversity is about having people with different voices, approaches and views, united by our BC values, around the table.
  • Inclusion is about creating the conditions for diversity to flourish.

We also believe that a more diverse workforce  and a more inclusive workplace will boost employee engagement, innovation, financial performance and reputation - and lead to better discussions, decisions and outcomes for everyone.

Barry Callebaut is a growth company. With all the customer opportunities still out there for us to grab, we also need to grow the Barry Callebaut team. Therefore winning with people is a key priority for us. To keep winning as a team, we want to harness and celebrate the huge diversity of talents we have across our company and including everybody on our growth journey.
Peter Boone, Chief Executive Officer of the Barry Callebaut Group

WHAT: Our own Definition of Diversity & Inclusion

We are #oneBC, united by our strong values, our love for cocoa & chocolate and our passion for growth. And yet we are all different. This is our greatest strength. We thrive on the diversity of who we are, where we come from, what we’ve experienced and how we think.

For diversity to thrive, we are nurturing an inclusive environment where people can truly be themselves, grow to their full potential and feel they belong.

Diversity & Inclusion
With nearly 13,000 people on five continents, we are a naturally diverse bunch of passionate people. But diversity cannot thrive without inclusion. This is why we launched #oneBC - our strategy for diversity and inclusion - one year ago: to appreciate and celebrate the diversity within our teams and throughout our organization, and to create an environment in which everyone can develop to their full potential, feel they belong, and be at their best.
Masha Vis-Mertens, Chief Human Resources Officer at Barry Callebaut

HOW: Implementing our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

We have set ourselves two focused and impactful targets to be achieved by 2025:

  • More progress in gender balance at senior level
    - 40% women at Director* level
    - 30% women at Director* level in Sales
  • More diversification in the origin of our talent at senior level
    - 50% local talent at Director* level in countries of origin and emerging markets

*equivalent to a Sub-Function Head or a Senior Management position often with direct reports

Diversity & Inclusion at Barry Callebaut
Gender equitiy at work

Commitment from the top: implementation across regions and functions

Our Executive Committee is strongly committed to our focused, data-driven and time-bound D&I Strategy. Driving Diversity & Inclusion is the right thing to do for our people and our business.

To achieve our D&I targets by 2025, we have created a solid governance structure:

  • Our D&I Council provides guidance and recommendations and reviews our progress in achieving our D&I targets. It is composed of nine senior Barry Callebaut executives - half members of the Executive Committee, half Vice Presidents or Managing Directors - meets twice a year and is chaired by our CEO Peter Boone
  • Every Region and Corporate Function has appointed a D&I Champion whose role is to translate the Group targets into specific regional and/or functional action plans - a network of credible business leaders who are committed to driving change. 

Barry Callebaut signs UN Women’s Empowerment Principles

In March 2021, we signed the UN Women's Empowerment Principles to demonstrate our commitment to nurturing an inclusive environment where everyone is given the opportunity to learn, participate and fulfill their potential. 

With targeted interventions across the company, we aim to increase the representation of women at senior level as well as local talent in countries of origin and emerging markets. 

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