Barry Callebaut begins chocolate production in new factory in Rancaekek, Indonesia

Press Release

Barry Callebaut begins chocolate production in new factory in Rancaekek, Indonesia

Press Release
Barry Callebaut continues to expand in Indonesia
  • Barry Callebaut opens second chocolate factory in Indonesia in less than 3 years
  • “Plant-in-Plant” concept reaffirms close partnership between Barry Callebaut and Garudafood



Barry Callebaut opens second chocolate factory in Indonesia

The Barry Callebaut Group, the world's leading producer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, today announced that it has started manufacturing at its second chocolate manufacturing plant in Rancaekek, a sub-district of Bandung, Indonesia. The brand new factory follows Barry Callebaut’s “plant in plant” concept, where the Group integrates new production facilities at the premises of its customer's factories, in this case Garudafood’s Rancaekek biscuit factory.

The announcement was made at the official opening of the factory which was attended by Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java, Ben De Schryver, President of Barry Callebaut Asia Pacific, and Hardianto Atmadja, CEO of PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk.

Barry Callebaut’s newest factory in Asia is the result of the signing in November 2018 of an additional long-term supply agreement for chocolate and compound to Garudafood, one of the largest food and beverage companies in Indonesia.

The “plant-in-plant”, in Garudafood’s Rancaekek biscuit factory, constitutes an investment of CHF 2.8 million (IDR 40 billion). Barry Callebaut’s first chocolate factory, opened in October 2016, is located in Gresik – 800 km east of Jakarta.

Our second chocolate factory in Indonesia underlines our commitment to this country. Barry Callebaut will continue to invest in the development of our manufacturing capabilities and continue to offer new products with our customers such as Garudafood. We are excited by our long-standing relationship with Garudafood and the potential of the confectionery market in Indonesia.
Ben De Schryver, President of Barry Callebaut Asia Pacific

Both Barry Callebaut and Garudafood have been collaborating on innovation activities and plan to develop new products that will cater to the growing Indonesian chocolate market. According to Euromonitor, the annual chocolate consumption per capita in Indonesia is just around 300 grams, while the demand for chocolate has been on the rise – as sales volume of chocolate confectionery grew +3.4% in 2018 (+1.4% CAGR 2013-2018)1.

In addition to the new chocolate factory in Rancaekek, Barry Callebaut has another chocolate factory in Gresik, near Surabaya, and two cocoa factories located in Bandung and Makassar. The company currently has more than 550 employees across Indonesia, namely in Bandung, Gresik, Jakarta, Lampung and Makassar. It is also committed to expanding its sustainability activities for cocoa farmers in Indonesia through its Forever Chocolate program.

Barry Callebaut is one of the largest chocolate and cocoa manufacturers in Asia Pacific. Employing more than 1,800 employees in the region, the company already operates nine other chocolate and cocoa factories in Asia, namely in China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. In the last 12 months, the company has also expanded its sales operations in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, in addition to its existing sales offices in India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. It recently announced the groundbreaking of a new chocolate factory in India which is expected to be ready in mid-2020.

1 Source: Chocolate Confectionery in Indonesia, Euromonitor (August 2018)

Our collaboration with Barry Callebaut, which started in 2015, is one of Garudafood’s open innovation strategy in support of Industry 4.0. Barry Callebaut’s broad activities in Indonesia contribute to the economy of this country and further support Garudafood’s achievement in producing a variety of innovative products – especially value-added chocolate products for consumers in Indonesia and abroad.
Hardianto Atmadja, CEO of PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk

About Barry Callebaut Group:

With annual sales of about CHF 6.9 billion (EUR 6.0 billion / USD 7.1 billion) in fiscal year 2017/18, the Zurich-based Barry Callebaut Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products – from sourcing and processing cocoa beans to producing the finest chocolates, including chocolate fillings, decorations, and compounds. The Group runs about 60 production facilities worldwide and employs a diverse and dedicated global workforce of more than 11,500 people.

The Barry Callebaut Group serves the entire food industry, from industrial food manufacturers to artisanal and professional users of chocolate, such as chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers, hotels, restaurants or caterers. The two global brands catering to the specific needs of these Gourmet customers are Callebaut® and Cacao Barry®.

The Barry Callebaut Group is committed to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025 to help ensure future supplies of cocoa and improve farmer livelihoods. It supports the Cocoa Horizons Foundation in its goal to shape a sustainable cocoa and chocolate future.


About Garudafood (

PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk (stock code: GOOD) is one of the leading food and beverage companies in Indonesia which was founded in 1990. Garudafood is a food and beverage company that was founded in 1990, the business activities have been started since 1979 by the founding parents through PT Tudung Putra Jaya (TPJ), a company in Pati, Central Java that markets peanut products and later became known as Kacang Garuda (Garuda Peanut). Currently produces and markets food and beverage products under its five leading brands namely Gery, Garuda, Chocolatos, Leo and Clevo. These products include biscuits, peanuts, pilus, crisps, confectionery, milk drinks and chocolate powder. The company currently has export sales to more than 20 countries with a focus on ASEAN countries, China and India.

Most of Garudafood’s products are produced by its own production facilities. It currently operates two production facilities in Pati, Central Java, one in Gresik, East Java, and one in the Rancaekek Industrial Area of ​​Sumedang, West Java, which all produce the Company's products. All Garudafood products have certified Halal and ISO 22000: Food Safety Management System.

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