Flexibility and togetherness

Barry Callebaut office in Singapore

Flexibility and togetherness

The future of work model is one where flexibility on where and when work happens is the norm.

At Barry Callebaut, we cherish flexibility and togetherness to foster an inclusive workplace where you can perform at your best and grow to your full potential.

Through our Flex! policy, we facilitate a balanced approach to work and life based on your unique life circumstances and the demands of your role. Flex! is implemented through local policies, based on the global framework.

Flexible work at Barry Callebaut
Flexible work Barry Callebaut office & home
Flex! gives me the opportunity for job-sharing, so that my colleague, Gabrielle, and I are able to merge strengths and redefine productivity. My work-life balance is amplified and I am loving it!
Carole Schwendeler, Customer Care, Switzerland

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