A maple and cinnamon dream

Revitalise your chocolate spirit with this heartwarming ruby chocolate drink.


Created by
  • Julie Sharp - UK & Ireland Head of Chocolate Academy


ingredients preparation

1. Steam 50 ml of almond milk and mix it with the Van Houten ruby Chocolate Powder to make an emulsion.
2. Add the ground cinnamon and maple syrup. Pour in with the rest of the almond milk.
3. Decorate with Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Crispearls™, Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Spring Shavings and Mona Lisa Scarlet Metallic Flakes.

• Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Crispearls™ CHD-CC-CRISPE0-02B
• Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Spring Shavings CHD-SV-22206E0-08B
• Mona Lisa Scarlet Metallic Flakes CHK-VS-22124E0-999

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