Ruby Forest Chocolate

Warm the hearts and the hands of your customers with this ruby Forest Hot Chocolate. It’s nutritious, it’s hot, and it’s easy to make.


Created by
  • Julie Sharp - UK & Ireland Head of Chocolate Academy


ingredients preparation

1. Brush the bottom of the glass with melted dark chocolate(optional).
2.  Place the semi-skimmed milk and the cherry puree into a steaming jug, and add the Van Houten ruby chocolate powder.
3. Steam to 70°C (do not exceed 80°C).



•Cream topping with cherry puree
• Mona Lisa® dark chocolate
spring shavings
• Mona Lisa® ruby chocolate
coated biscottino

1. Add the cherry puree to the cream to give it a pink colour. 2 - Add your mixture to the cream dispenser and
2. Add your mixture to the cream dispenser and add it to your drink.
3. Decorate with Mona Lisa® spring shavings and biscottino.

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