Chocolate caviar and pistachio crunch

pistachio crisp

Ingredients Preparation
  • 180g
    pistachio praline
  • 200g
    pistachio paste
  • 190g
  • 140g
    chopped wafer
  • 80g
    pistachio pieces
  • 2g
    fleur de sel

Melt the Istak 30.9% white chocolate, mix with the pistachio paste and the pistachio praline. Stir in the chopped wafer, the ground pistachio and add the fleur de sel. Place in a piping bag and set aside for assembly. 

anillo de pistacho

Ingredients Preparation
  • 200g
  • 30g
  • 40g
  • 2g
    agar agar
  • 2g
    gelatin leaves

Boil all the ingredients. Measure out the liquid over the frozen oil with a syringe so it comes out as drops.

crème anglaise base

Ingredients Preparation
  • 500g
    Full cream milk
  • 500g
  • 160g
  • 20g
    invert sugar
  • 200g
    egg yolks

Heat all the ingredients to 84ºC and set aside. 

chocolate cream

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1350g
    crème anglaise
  • 150g
  • 750g

Melt the couverture at 50ºC. Pour the cream with the invert sugar at 75ºC over the melted couverture in 3 or 4 stages, emulsifying at the same time. Pour into moulds.

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