The taste of talent

vocation. passion. effort. excitement

At Chocovic we believe that a good chocolatier is one who works ceaselessly, devoting body and soul to their craft. An artisan who searches for new ways to produce excitement with their work and continue to surprise their consumers.
Your talent has no limits and, at Chocovic, we intend to take it as far as possible.

Ilustracio roll up

company. support. inspiration. motivation.

Chocovic is a brand with an artisan spirit that works tirelessly to help fellow artisans project their full potential. At Chocovic, we will guide you in your creations, answer your many questions, offer you training in the areas you want to perfect, seek new ways to boost your business, inspire your creativity…

Our secret? We too are artisans, and we love to talk to you, from artisan to artisan. Our personal and open relationship is based on our mutual empathy that originates from the numerous values that unite us.

tradition. flavour. innovation. experience.

Chocovic's origins can be traced to the city of Vic, in the province of Barcelona, where a small family business called Chocolates Arumi was set up. Its commitment to high quality service led it to create special blends for locals to suit their particular tastes.

El sabor del talento

In 1977 the business was bought by a Spanish company which changed the name of the business to Chocovic and turned it into an industrial chocolate factory specialised in artisan pastry making and confectionery. In 2009, Chocovic entered the Barry Callebaut group, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate – from the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate product. As such, the advantages of belonging to a large business group are combined with Chocovic's technical knowledge and experience.

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