Diana tart

apple caramel

Ingredients Preparation
  • 400g
  • 215g
    green apple puree
  • 215g
  • 1,5g
    fine salt
  • 14g
    gelatin leaves

Dry caramelise the sugar, then stop the process by adding the cream and purée, both very hot. Strain and correct the weight with milk.
Add the salt and gelatine. Pour 85 g into each mould.

capuchina sponge cake

Ingredients Preparation
  • 150g
    pasteurized egg yolks
  • 65g
    whole egg(s)
  • 20g

Beat the yolks with the whole eggs. Add the cornflour.
Pour into a 12 cm mould.
Steam at 100 ºC, 100% humidity for 15 minutes. When cold, soak with the syrup.

Istak and apple Chiboust

Ingredients Preparation

Heat the milk, cream and sugar together. Pour over the egg yolks and cornflour.
Cook the mixture at 85 ºC and add the gelatine leaves. Add the white chocolate.
Mix the apple purée with the cream of tartar, the powdered egg whites and the powdered glucose. Beat and add the sugar.
Mix part of the creamy mixture with the meringue first, followed by the rest.

lime yogurt mousse

Ingredients Preparation
  • 250g
    35% fat liquid cream
  • 140g
  • 12g
  • 725g
  • 760g
    soft whipped cream
  • 7g
    gelatin leaves

Infuse 770 g cream with 4 g grated fresh lime zest for 24 hours and strain.
Heat the milk with the single cream and the Yopol. Dissolve the gelatine and mix with the melted white chocolate.
When the mixture reaches 28 ºC mix with part of the cream and lime mixture first, followed by the rest.

apple jelly

Ingredients Preparation
  • 580g
    green apple puree
  • 9g
    gelatin leaves
  • 1g
    PG-10 agar
  • 14g
    chocolate drops 50%
  • 90g

Mix the sugar with the agar. Add part of the apple purée.
Boil for a few seconds and remove from the heat.
Add the gelatine and the rest of the purée with the food colouring.
Place 100 g of gelatine in each 16 cm ring with film. Freeze. When frozen, cut with a 10 cm ring cutter. Separate the rings to form the two rings on the target.

jelly coating

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1000g
    cold neutral gelatine
  • 20g
  • 120g

Heat the glucose with the water. Add the cold gelatine.
Whizz in a food processor and vacuum seal 100%. Steam at 50 ºC.


Bake the biscuit in the ring and once cold add the apple caramel.
Finish by placing the Capuchina sponge cake soaked in the syrup and freeze.
Take a 16 cm by 3 cm ring with acetate and film.
Pour in the apple Chiboust mixture and insert the inner biscuit.
Freeze and remove from the mould.
Burn the top part of the inner section and freeze again. Place the apple jelly in the 16 cm ring and freeze.
Cut apple jelly discs and place in a 16 cm by 4 cm ring with acetate and film.
Add the lime yogurt mousse and insert the Chiboust interior. Freeze.
(Note: We made a template for cutting out the white chocolate knives. We painted them grey and then gave them a touch of silver. We cut the knife handles from milk chocolate couverture and painted with milk paint. Once they were stuck onto the cake we shaded them with a food spray gun).

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