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Did you know that since July 2021 Chocovic supports 100% sustainable cocoa through Cocoa Horizons? It’s our commitment to sustainability and our communities of cocoa producers and the first step to achieve our goal: 100% sustainable chocolate by 2025.

Goal: 100% Sustainable Chocolate

There are many initiatives that Chocovic is putting in place as a brand belonging to Barry Callebaut to promote the sustainable development of chocolate production. These actions have a far-reaching ecological, social, cultural and economic effects and our commitment goes beyond the creation of a quality product. Our hearts are set on promoting the survival and progress of cocoa-producing communities.

Chocovic sustainability

Creating smiles

Chocovic sustainability

At Chocovic we have a firm commitment to sustainability and to our communities of cocoa producers. We want happiness to be present throughout our value chain, from small farmers to our end consumers, because chocolate should be 100% joy.

That’s why we created #TwoWaysSmiles, to share our message and our smiles with everyone.

Want to know what sustainable chocolate looks like? Then don't miss our campaign video.

Did you know...

Chocovic sustainbility

The actions implemented through Cocoa Horizons, a program to help our communities of cocoa producers, are already bearing fruit:

  • 36,324 farmers had access to a Farm Business Plan (+266% vs prior year).
  • 81,892 children participated in a child labor identification (+182% vs prior year).
  • 335 cases were successfully remediated and 4,786 cases are currently under remediation (+105% vs prior year).
  • 132,523 tons of CO2 was sequestered.

Our chefs smile too

Another reason to smile. When you use or enjoy our products you know that you are contributing to the sustainability of chocolate and communities of cocoa producers.

The 100% SUSTAINABLE CACAO seal on our packs is a guarantee of happiness for everyone, including our chefs and ambassadors.

Chocovic sustainability

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