Casa Manolo

Casa Manolo

De artesano a artesano

My inspiration, the Mediterranean. My hobby, to dialogue with nature. My challenge, the future. My great love, Matilde, my mother.

A dish should never be done by chance, everything has to be well thought, meditated, everything has a reason why.

My cuisine has no extravagance, with roots, well thought and constantly mutating, depending on the market.

I am a great lover of season products, and I have always in mind all knowledge and trends I learn from everyone. I practice a reflexive cuisine, with a lot of hours of testing, to get as final result a subtle, beautiful and kind cuisine. I love carrying to the limit the word taste. My challenge is to potentiate it to the maximum, without any mask or camouflage.
Cooking is living. I don’t see any difference between one thing and the other. In cuisine as in life, I’m prompt to look for new sensations, the pleasure to transmit sensations, the drive to get ahead, for improving day by day.

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