From artisan to artisan

Pairings: raúl bernal & vicente garcía plana

Our ambassador Raúl Bernal and the artist Vicente García Plana join their talent to create a unique chocolate piece.

Artisano to artisano
Casa manolo

Casa manolo

From beach bar to michelin stars

How's Easter like at escribà?

We have been in Escribà Barcelona to see how Easter lives in the workshop of the emblematic pastryshops, from artisan to artisan. 

Escriba pascua
Ilius Costa

lluís costa, vallflorida xocolaters

Lluís Costa talks about his professional career and his latest venture for the festive season, croissant turrón.

Chocovic and the chocolate academy­™

What tools does Chocovic offer for artisans? More than 20 years ago we opened the Aula Chocovic as the expression of the philosophy behind our brand, helping artisans take their talent to its full potential.

Chocolate academy
Routines and creative techniques

Routines and creative techniques

Where do artisans get their inspiration from? What's everyday life like in the bakery or the kitchen?

Chocolate and profession

How do you decide you want to be a chef? How has the sector changed since you started compared to nowadays?

Vale Sergi profession chocolat


What makes Easter such a special time for artisans? It's such a magical time of year for pastry making and confectionery.

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