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Van Stever 52% Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate with a well-balanced flavor. 

Enrobing 36% Milk Couverture

Milk couverture perfect for chocolate fountains. 

Delft Molding 34% Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate that is perfect for a variety of applications. 

Bel Lactée 31% Milk Couverture

Milk couverture with a smooth and creamy taste, made with Belgian liquor.

Forte 49% Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate perfect for everyday baking needs. 

Kenosha 33% Milk Couverture

Milk chocolate with a sweet and creamy taste. 

Tulsa 55% Dark Couverture

Tulsa dark chocolate is a 55%, well-balanced, semi-sweet couverture with medium to strong cacao flavor.

Dark chocolate made with premium ingredients and Belgian liquor.

White Maple 26% White Chocolate

White chocolate made with maple sugar.

Ultimate White 30% White Chocolate

White chocolate ideal for your baking & confectionary needs.

Bel Noir 58% Dark Couverture

A well-balanced, 58% dark chocolate made with Belgian liquor.

Bel Noir 54% Dark Couverture

Dark chocolate made with premium ingredients and Belgian liquor. 

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