You can rely on Van Leer chocolate to provide the rich flavor of European Chocolate made with North American craftsmanship.

On Christmas Day in 1949, L.K. Van Leer started the Van Leer Chocolate Corporation. Van Leer came to America from Holland and brought with him a dedication to chocolate that would soon make him an industry leader. Van Leer always strove to make the finest chocolates and provide the very best service to his customers.

Ever since, L.K. Van Leer’s legacy has lived on—his dedication to chocolate never fading away. For over three generations, we have used the finest ingredients to craft a full range of high-quality chocolates that have a distinct North American appeal. 

Today, Van Leer continues this tradition of taste and quality with the support of Barry Callebaut and its 150 years of chocolate making experience.

Van Leer’s traditional range of products includes:

  • Chocolate Couvertures

  • Chips and Chunks

  • Compounds

  • Glazes

  • Sugar-Free Chocolate and Compound

Additionally, Van Leer offers a selection of premium items, including: 

  • Chocolate made with unsweetened Belgian liquor

  • Premium and certified ingredients

  • High-cacao content ingredients

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