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Classic Milk Filling
Classic non-lauric bake stable milk chocolate flavored filling. Suitable for confectionery. Mid temp workability.
Fillings- Chocolate Schmear - 20# pail

CHOCOLATE MARBLE is blend of cocoa powder, sweeteners and some oil designed to simplify the preparation of making chocolate-flavored buttercream, cake batter or cheesecake batter. Add Chocolate Marble until the desired color and flavor is reached.

American Almond
Carmelade Redcurrant-Raspberry, Seedless
  • range
  • Texture
    Jam Like
  • Vegetable fat
    Non-Hydrogenated, Without Palm
Fillings - Cinnamon Schmear - 20# pail

Ready-To-Use bakestable filling

Amazing cinnamon flavor perfect for filling in cinnamon rolls, breads, danish, cookies and more!

American Almond
Fillings - Almond Schmear - 20# pail

Ready-To-Use fillings are bake-stable

American Almond
Craft Dark Filling
Dark chocolate flavored bake stable filling for confection and bakery products. Non-lauric.
Select Dark Filling
Dark chocolate flavored filling ideal for post bake applications and icing. Non-lauric.
Classic Dark Filling
Bake stable non-lauric dark chocolate flavored filling. Suitable for confectionery.

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