Working with stakeholders

Barry Callebaut is a member of industry trade associations that sponsor and promote various projects, research, and working groups that focus on sustainability and child labor issues in the cocoa sector.

World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)

Established in 2000, the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is an international organization committed to ensuring cocoa sustainability through agricultural and environmental stewardship and development. Its more than 100 member companies represent 80% of the global corporate market. As a leading member of the World Cocoa Foundation, Barry Callebaut helps to fund development programs and research that benefit farmers in cocoa-growing regions. Our CEO Juergen Steinemann is co-vice chairman of the Board. Barry Callebaut also contributes to the WCF Cocoa Livelihoods Program and the African Cocoa Initiative. In May 2014, the WCF announced CocoaAction, an industry-led strategy to rejuvenate the cocoa sector.

International Cocoa Initiative (ICI)

Established in 2002, this partnership between civil society organizations and the chocolate industry aims to improve the lives of children and contribute to the elimination of child labor in cocoa growing communities and the cocoa supply chain. Barry Callebaut is a member of the ICI Board and has contributed to its new five-year strategy, launched in June 2014, to put the future of children at the heart of cocoa sustainability. In 2014, ICI conducted a child labor awareness training for Barry Callebaut employees and farmer trainers.


Together with industry partners, Barry Callebaut organizes CHOCOVISION, the only business-for-business conference in the cocoa value chain. It brings together nearly 200 key stakeholders from around the world, from the cocoa farmer to the consumer.

Identifying material sustainability issues

There are many players along the cocoa value chain. We engage with these important business partners and other stakeholders to identify the key sustainability issues facing our business. Through regular dialogue with customers, suppliers, investors, media, governments, industry associations, and NGOs, we are able to take into consideration their concerns and expectations.

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