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September 3, 2018 Company Information People

Meet Barry Callebaut's employees

Meet Noah Appiah, a devoted Sector Manager and cocoa farmer in Kumasi, Ghana

Equipped with a degree in Business Studies, Noah Appiah began his career in the Ghanian cocoa industry in 1998. He took up his current position at Nyonkopa on January 1, 2016, shortly after its acquisition by Barry Callebaut:

I head operations for one of the ten sectors of our direct sourcing unit, which buys cocoa from over 10,000 farmers.


With 12 district managers reporting directly to him, he enjoys applying a harmonious blend of people skills and technical expertise.

The focus of Noah’s work is monitoring and assessing what happens out in the field:

This embraces many aspects, from checking processes and stock levels, to evaluating teamwork and providing coaching where necessary. During a typical week I spend one day in the office, and on the other days, I visit two districts.


In his “free” time Noah works on his own small cocoa farm:

I love to positively impact so many people, from colleagues and customers, to my extended family.

What remains on his wish list for the future?

A life full of peace.

Noah Appiah with Nyonkopa logo


Mohamed Khalil Koroma

I am inspired by Barry Callebaut's journey as I'm passionate to start up a cash crop production using an established entity of mine in my country - Sierra Leone. I would like to get connected to Barry to learned from him and if possible seek an opportunity through his guidance to actualize my dream.

Malek Apetorgbor

I’d very much appreciate it if I could get in touch with my Mr Appiah. As I would love to inquire more about the cocoa business as someone who’s new to the cocoa world and I’m in Ghana myself. Anyway I can get in touch with him?
Thank you for your good work.