Dijana Bacic Chief Audit Executive at Barry Callebaut

August 13, 2018 Company Information People

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Dijana Bacic, a dedicated Chief Audit Executive at Barry Callebaut and a keen golf player

It’s amazing to see how committed people are to the company and its customers, and how passionate they are about the products. We are the biggest player in the cocoa business and to be number one is quite an experience.

Dijana came to Barry Callebaut with a very impressive resume in 2015 having worked at KPMG, the Swiss stock exchange and for a consultancy. She took up her new post as Chief Internal Auditor in April of this year. The focus of her new role is compliance, making sure that Barry Callebaut acts within laws, regulations and internal guidelines, but she sees a challenge in this:

I would like to be seen as a sparring partner within Barry Callebaut, not as an internal police officer.

When she isn’t working, Dijana pursues two passions. One of them being golf, which she says is the best tool to switch off from work with.

It’s just me and the golf ball and I love being outdoors. It’s a pleasant hobby that you can do on your own and there are some great places in the world to play.

She also enjoys skiing and has a flat in Austria that she visits at weekends. With her new role, there will be busy times ahead and more traveling, but she feels that golf and skiing will still be firmly on the agenda!

Dijana Bacic, Chief Audit Executive at Barry Callebaut

Dijana celebrating her first "Hole in One"