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Treat your visitors to the flavoured cappuccino revolution! With Caprimo’s delicious range of well-rounded instant drinks, you’re serving the trendiest vending coffees, dessert drinks and teas at the push of a button. Expect exciting drinks to delight your customers with rewarding flavours and high-quality textures.   


  • Wide range of exciting flavoured cappuccinos 

  • Consistent quality cup after cup 

  • Excellent vending machine functionality 

A history of timeless 

vending cappuccinos

Once inventor of the first vending cappuccino in Europe, known worldwide today for its wide range of irresistible instant drinks! Take a behind-the-scenes look at the brand that revolutionised the vending machine market.

Explore our broad range

Discover the one-stop-shop to spice up your vending machine offer. And give your customers a taste of the hottest instant drinks!

flavoured cappuccinos

Flavoured cappuccinos 

The authentic taste of traditional Italian cappuccino blended with trendy ingredients like meltingly good caramel, a touch of hazelnuts or the freshness of mint.

dessert drink

Dessert drinks 

From Crème Brûlée to the speculoos biscuit, these hot vending drinks boast a rich and creamy mouthfeel for every type of customer. Add coffee or chocolate to diversify your offer!


Hot chocolate drinks 

Caprimo’s Choco drinks are hot chocolate drinks and organic blends that please even the most seasoned chocoholics!

milk and non dairy

Milk & Non Dairy 

A delicious range of premium milk blends, fulfilling toppings and exciting whiteners to top off your caffè lattes, cappuccinos and coffees with a lovely, stable foam and a creamy touch.



Indulge with an exclusive selection of deliciously roasted instant coffees with strong espresso-like flavours.



Everything from revitalising mint and wild fruit to a milky tea latte: expect an appealing range of tastes filled with refreshing aromas!


How the right tools 

boost your vending business

Machine branding

Machine branding

Add appealing designs to your vending machine and increase customer traffic! Instantly inspire passers-by to enjoy a Caprimo drink that matches their cravings 24/7.

Name tabs, stickers & wobblers

Name tabs, stickers & wobblers

Inform customers about Caprimo products, new releases and availability. And make your offer pop! Available for all vending machine models.

Posters & table tents

Posters & table tents

Thirsty for more traffic? Spread the word in your vending machine area to warm up visitors for their next indulgent instant drink and drive extra sales!



Make your offer stand out! These creative 3D movies highlight specific drinks and come in many different languages for instant information.

Discover our products

VH Passion UTZ
Van Houten Passion is a genuine hot chocolate drink made of 33% full-fat cocoa. Enjoy a truly intense indulgence that delivers on full-bodied taste with a rich and creamy mouthfeel. It is prepared with fresh liquid milk and the UTZ certified cocoa makes it a sustainable choice.
Van Houten
VH Santo Domingo Organic UTZ

Born in Dominican Republic’s tropical winds, high temperatures and humidity, Santo Domingo’s organic cocoa beans come from a thriving terroir. These rare, single-origin beans provide an intense cocoa taste packed with roasted notes, pleasant bitterness and a subtle hint of vanilla. Enjoy this organic hot chocolate that is 100% natural and contains 33% full-fat, UTZ-certified cocoa. The clean label instant hot chocolate drink!

Van Houten
Looking for a delicious dark hot chocolate drink? Van Houten VH12 is a real treat for chocolate fans looking for a strong cocoa flavour and a slightly sweet aftertaste. Because it's made from UTZ certified cocoa, it is sustainable from source to shelf!
Van Houten
Caprimo Choco Red
With its creamy mouthfeel and 16% cocoa, Caprimo Choco Red is the ultimate hot chocolate drink to satisfy the most demanding chocolate lovers! Its excellent machine functionality will assure that you are worry free and its great taste with every cup!

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