Macaron pistachio is one of the hottest flavours on today’s foodie market. That’s why Caprimo captures its fresh meringue flavour, rich pistachio notes and smooth almond touch in an instant crowd-pleaser!

Insta-friendly vending drink

Why spice up your machine with this insta-friendly vending drink? More than 60% of customers are actively looking for exciting flavours*! Try your free sample now, and taste the trend that’s taking the culinary world by storm!

*Global Consumer Survey

Let customers make hot vending discoveries


Spice up your vending machine with a classic flavour that simply stays fresh. Back with French cookie craving deliciousness, Caprimo® Macaron Pistachio has got countless opportunities for your vending machine. 

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Caprimo® Macaron Pistachio. One flavour. Many combos

Add a splash of milk, coffee or even hot chocolate. There’s a Macaron Pistachio drink for everyone. Pick, mix and make your experience extraordinary.


Café Macaron Pistachio - Cappuccino Macaron Pistachio - Latte Macchiato Macaron Pistachio - Mochacccino Macaron Pistachio - Hot Chocolate Macaron Pistachio

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