Flavoured Cappuccino

Caprimo Flavoured Cappuccinos Less sugars

Flavoured Cappuccino

Looking for a flavoured instant cappuccino that has less sugar? Caprimo Cappuccino tastes like it’s just been brewed. Treat yourself to a cup today!

The new Caprimo® range has 30% less sugar. It’s a revolution in guilt-free indulgence

Two new flavoured instant cappuccinos from Caprimo® are set to delight customers craving delicious, healthier hot drink options. Caprimo® Cappuccino Vanille and Caprimo® Cappuccino Noisette now come with 30% less sugars! Boasting exquisite flavours, exciting ingredients and a silky-smooth sensation in the mouth, these brand-new, vending machine drinks are a celebration of creamy, rich flavour.

Why take your cappuccino with less sugar?

Research has revealed that 52% of people list sugar intake as their main dietary concern.* Why? Because more and more information has emerged showing that consuming too much sugar causes health problems. And 3 in 5 people prefer to cut the sugar out, rather than replace it with alternative sweeteners.** On top of those concerns, sugar taxes are being put in place across Europe and throughout the world, making sugary drinks more expensive than those with reduced sugar. Consumers are on the lookout for natural, high-quality vending machine drinks with less sugars. And that’s exactly why Caprimo® has developed the Less Sugars range of flavoured instant cappuccinos.


*The Global Confectionery Market: An update by Innova Market Insights June 2018 **Innova Consumer Survey 2018

Tried and tested

The hot, new vending machine cappuccino options from Caprimo® have undergone extensive consumer testing in both France and Germany. And the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of participants showed a keen interest in tasting instant cappuccinos with reduced sugar. And what’s even more exciting is that once they had tried the drinks, they rated the aroma, flavour and creaminess as excellent.

As well as excelling in flavour and texture, Caprimo®’s Less Sugars range has the same dosage and excellent vending machine functionality as the standard range, meaning no machine adjustments are necessary! It’s a win-win for vending machine operators and customers alike.


Rich flavour without all the sugar

With 30% less sugars than the regular cappuccino range, Caprimo® Cappuccino Vanille Less Sugars and Caprimo® Cappuccino Noisette Less Sugars pack a flavour punch, without the concerns. They honour the popular flavour profiles of their full-sugar counterparts with a smooth and rich taste that will satisfy any serious cappuccino-lover. Caprimo® Cappuccino Vanille Less Sugars offers the satisfying and indulgent taste of vanilla, and Caprimo® Cappuccino Noisette Less Sugars enchants the senses with lovely hazelnut notes. Both are non-HVO, which means they don’t contain hydrogenated vegetable oil—another bonus for health-conscious customers.

‘You don’t even taste the fact that both cappuccinos contain less sugar. That’s actually good!’ – German test customer

Discover the Cappuccino Less sugars range

Caprimo Cappuccino Vanille Less Sugars

Vanilla-flavoured, instant cappuccino that’s a treat for the taste buds. Rich, flavourful and with 30% less sugars, it will revitalise the hot drinks menu in your vending machine. Heavenly bliss from the first to last sip

Cappuccino Noisette Less sugars

Rich and creamy instant cappuccino enriched with the enticing aroma of hazelnut. An exquisitely flavoured, hot vending-machine drink with 30% less sugar. Sure to satisfy the cravings of any cappuccino lover.


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