Squirrel delight

Answering the need for superior experience
-Trail mixes and nuts & seeds
- Nostalgia and chocolate mania


Created by
  • Nir Chouchana - Barista


ingredients preparation
  • 200ml
    hazelnut milk
  • 1/2l
    semi-whipped cream
  • 8cl
    roasted hazelnut syrup

1.Mix and steam the hazelnut milk and the Van Houten Spécial Bar. Pour into a glass.
2. Mix the cream with the hazelnut syrup and pour into the cream whipper dispenser. Charge and dispense.
3. Sprinkle Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Crispearls™ and crushed caramelised hazelnuts on top.

• Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Crispearls™ CHD-CC-CRISPE0-02B
• Crushed caramelised hazelnuts

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