Colourful Easter egg

colourful easter eggs

Ingredients Preparation
  • Q.S.
    Yellow 3 A
  • Q.S.
    Blue 11 A
  • Q.S.
    Orange 4 A
  • Q.S.
    Red 5 A
  • Q.S.
  • As needed
    egg mould 26x17 cm
  • Q.S.
    Cocoa butter

The recommended temperature for the paint in order to decorate the moulds is around 28 ºC. At this temperature the cocoa butter is liquid enough to evaporate.
You can add chocolate to increase the density of it. Always keep in mind that the paint must be properly heated depending on the chocolate added to the mix.

In order to obtain the best shine possible the right temperature of the mould is vital, but a methacrylate mould will present a better result.

Prepare 5 colours with Power Flowers to make the egg.

Heat the paint and put aside at a 28 ºC temperature. Splash the mould firstly with the blue paint and then the white, red and orange one. Lastly, use the yellow paint.
To obtain the tiny spots leave the gun’s fluid tip open widely with minimum pressure and the drops dispensed will be very small.
Lastly, paint it with titanium dioxide white and cover the mould with Opal. Once it crystallises, remove from the mould and put on an egg base.

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