Saint Roll


Summer truffle and Chocovic dark chocolates are paired to perfection in this luxurious pastry roll with an intense flavour and aroma.

Hazelnut cream

Ingredients Preparation
  • 35g
    Truffle oil
  • 65g
    Anhydrous butter
  • 275g
    Toasted hazelnut paste
  • 285g
  • 310g
    Hazelnut praliné
  • 0,6g

Melt the couverture and the butter separately and mix.

Add the remaining ingredients and heat everything to 40°C.

Temper at 23°C and leave to crystallize for 24 hours.

Ocumare cremeux

Ingredients Preparation
  • 565g
  • 230g
    Cocoa butter
  • 55g
    Sunflower oil
  • spoon(s)
    Ground toasted almonds

Melt the couverture and the butter separately.

Mix with the remaining ingredients and set aside.

Coat the pastry roll at 35°C. 

Dark couverture coating

Ingredients Preparation
  • 220g
  • 220g
  • 45g
    Invert sugar
  • 90g
    Egg yolks
  • 200g
  • 1g
    Crushed salt flakes

Heat the cream with the milk and the invert sugar.

Pour over the egg yolks and cook the mixture at 85°C.

Emulsify with the couverture and the salt.

Leave to crystallize in the fridge in a tightly cling-filmed container. 


Ingredients Preparation
  • As needed
    Toasted hazelnut paste
  • As needed
    Smoked salt flakes
  • As needed
    Summer truffle
  • As needed

Fill the pastry roll with the hazelnut cream.

Cover with the couverture coating, leave to crystallize.

Make a spiral with the Ocumare cream.

Spoon out a little hazelnut paste.

Add a few salt flakes.

Finish off with fresh summer truffle. Tips

The filling can be substituted with ready to use Iroko hazelnut cream.

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