Hazelnut cream

Ingredients Preparation
  • 210g
  • 210g
  • 85g
  • 85g
    egg yolks
  • 250g
    hazelnut paste
  • 1g
    gelatin leaves

Heat the milk with the cream and the sugar, scald over the egg yolks.
Cook the mixture at 85ºC.
Add the previously soaked gelatin leaves and strain.
Pour over the hazelnut paste and the salt in two stages and emulsify.
Pour 30 g. of the hazelnut cream into each glass and set aside.

Vacuum caramelised banana

Ingredients Preparation
  • 600g
  • 800g
  • 500g
    diced banana

Dry caramelise the sugar and decaramelise with the hot water.
Leave to cool.
Cut the bananas into small cubes and place them in a vacuum bag with the cooled caramel.
Make a 100% vacuum, open and strain. To preserve the banana and prevent the caramel from turning it dark you can keep it in a TPT syrup.

Light Ocumare Mousse

Ingredients Preparation
  • 296g
  • 650g
    soft whipped cream
  • 450g

Heat the milk to 40ºC.
Melt the dark chocolate couverture and emulsify with the milk.
Mix with the the semi-whipped cream and place 50 g. in each glass.

Rosemary iota gelatin

Ingredients Preparation
  • 485g
    rosemary infusion
  • 70g
  • 3g
  • Q.S.
    water soluble green food colouring

Heat infuse 500 g. water with 16 g. fresh rosemary.
Cover with film and leave for 3 minutes.
Strain and adjust the water.
Separate part of the infusion and add the cold iota, bring to the boil.
Add the sugar and the remaining infusion, then add the food colouring.
Place 20 g. of gelatin in each glass.

Almond crumble

Ingredients Preparation
  • 140g
  • 140g
    raw sugar
  • 140g
    weak flour
  • 140g
    blanched almond powder
  • Q.S.
    Matcha tea
  • Q.S.
    Cocoa powder Selection 22

Beat the butter with a palette knife.
Add the sugar.
Add the other ingredients.
Knead and place in the refrigerator.
Mince in a meat mincer.
Freeze the mixture and break it up.
Cook at 115ºC with the vent open.
When cooked, sprinkle with the cocoa and the green tea.


Place the hazelnut cream in the glass and freeze.
Add a little of the caramelised banana and freeze.
Pour in the Ocumare mousse and freeze.
Add the rosemary gelatin and freeze.
Finish off with a little almond crumble, a few soya shoots and a dark chocolate root.

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