Sesame and pear Nougat (Turron)


This festive season, surprise everyone with a soft, creamy, light nougat that blends together the flavours of pear and caramelised sesame. A temptation for people with a really sweet tooth.


Created by
  • Lluís Costa -

Pear fruit paste

Ingredients Preparation
  • 545g
    Pear pulp
  • 9g
    NH pectin
  • 447g
  • 72g
  • 39g
  • 3g
    Citric acid

Heat the sugars and the purée to 40ºC, add the pectin with part of the sugar and sprinkle in, cook up to 106ºC and lastly add the citric acid.

Place the fruit paste in a frame with a 0.5 mm thick Silpat silicon mat.

Sesame praline

Ingredients Preparation
  • 600g
    Almond praliné
  • 240g
    Sesame paste
  • 150g
    Toasted sesame
  • 80g
    Cocoa butter
  • 600g

 Mix the cocoa butter and the chocolate, melt and heat to 29ºC.

Emulsify with the praline and the paste, add the toasted sesame.

Place in the frame on top of the cold fruit paste.

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