Nougat charlie rivel

A fun, original nougat “turrón” born from the fusion of two creative talents. Raúl Bernal’s recipe combines the intensity of Lennix 57% dark chocolate and the freshness of the cherry syrup fruit gums.
Sure to bring a smile to your face.

cherry fruit paste

Ingredients Preparation
  • 100g
    Kirsch liquor
  • 500g
    red cherry puree
  • 8g
    apple pectin
  • 40g
  • 380g
  • 95g
  • 60g
    inverted sugar syrup
  • 5g
    Acid citric solution
  • Heat the cherry purée to 40 °C.
  • Add the pectin, mixed with the first dose of sugar.
  • Little by little, incorporate the rest of the sugar.
  • Add the griottines.
  • Bake at 107 °C and add the citric acid solution.
  • Insert into a chocolate frame on baking parchment on top of a marble worktop.
  • Cover with cling film and leave to cool.
  • Cut into chunks.

Lennix anise ganache

Ingredients Preparation
  • 15g
    star anise
  • 275g
    35% UHT cream
  • 34g
    inverted sugar syrup
  • 20g
  • 35g
  • 0.7g
  • 525g
  • 50g
  • 25g
  • Heat up the cream and infuse with anise for 3 minutes.
  • Strain, adjust the liquid level and add the sugars.
  • Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter separately, then mix (40 °C).
  • Add part of the liquid to the chocolate and create an emulsion.
  • Add the rest of the liquid and the butter, together with the salt.
  • Perfect the emulsion.
  • Cool the ganache to 29 °C.

milk paint

Ingredients Preparation
  • Melt separately and mix.
  • Temper at 31 °C and pipe over the nougat turrón.

black paint

Ingredients Preparation
  • Melt separately and mix.
  • Add the colouring and mix with a blender.
  • Temper at 31 °C and pipe over the nougat turrón.


Ingredients Preparation
  • As needed
    fat-soluble orange colouring
  • As needed
    fat-soluble yellow colouring

black coating

Ingredients Preparation
  • Line the mould with tempered Tobado chocolate.
  • Add the Lennix ganache.
  • Add a few dollops of cherry fruit paste.
  • Cover with cling film and leave to crystallize.
  • Close the nougat turrón with Tobado chocolate paint.
  • Remove from the mould.
  • Pipe the turrón with the black paint.
  • Reduce the piping pressure and coat with the milk paint.
  • Create shadows using an airbrush, alternating between yellow and orange food colouring.

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