White Chocolate and Strawberry Lollies


Created by
  • Mark Tilling - Chocolate Academy Chef


Ingredients Preparation

Using an 2 x magnetic chocolate, remove the back and spray with a light coating of oil

Cut the transfer sheet to size to the edges of the metal plate.

Stick down the smooth side of the sheet to the metal place with the printed side facing upwards.

Click back the other part of the mould to close it up.

Fill a piping bag with the tempered white chocolate and pipe into the cavity of the mould right to the top, scrap all the excess chocolate from the sides and top.

Tap the mould to release the air bubbles then.

Turn the mould over to release the chocolate and tap over some silicon paper or a tray.

Scrap the mould from underneath.

  • 20g
    Crispearls™ - Ruby Chocolate - 0,8kg
  • 30g
    Meringue drops strawberry

Turn the mould back upright and place in the lollie stick and set to one side to set.

  • 120g
    Strawberry Jam Filling

When set pipe in some strawberry jam filling.

Leave for a couple of hours to set.

Bring the left over chocolate to a temper and place in a piping bag and pipe over the top of the jam.

Tap the mould to release the air bubbles and to smooth of the tops and use a chocolate scraper to scrap of the top.

Set the chocolate again and place in a fridge at 12oc to fully crystalize.

Remove from the fridge and remove the back of the mould and remove the lollies. 

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