Praliné bar

Crispy praliné

Ingredients Preparation

Mix the milk couverture with the cocoa butter
Pour over the praliné and the hazelnut paste and the melted butter at 40ºC
Pre-crystallize the mixture at 23ºC
Add the crushed wafer
Immediately pour into the previously coated moulds

Black paint

Ingredients Preparation
  • Q.S.
    black paint (cocoa butter and black colouring)
  • Q.S.


Place the moulds in a tempered room at about 20/24ºC o carefully preheat with a heat gun.
Spray the moulds with pre-crystallized black paint.
Scrape the excess paint from the moulds.
Melt the black couverture and pre-crystallize correctly.
Coat the moulds and set aside for a few hours so they crystallize correctly.
Pour the filling and set aside for a few hours until they crystallize correctly.
Close the moulds, leave to crystallize and remove from the mould.
Paint the surface of the turron at low pressure with white paint and leave to crystallize.

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