New tablet shape

New tablet chocolate range for an impulse purchase. 

Our Tablet range are individually packed and labelled following regulation for a more convenient format for the artisan to directly display and sell in their shops.    

The range includes 4 chocolates with different percentages.  

What is your choice?

Maragda - Dark chocolate couverture 70 %

Maragda – Dark chocolate couverture 70%


Dark chocolate couverture with a strong, pure flavour and a slight hint of acidity.

Chocovic Maragda dark chocolate couverture 70 %

Jade – Milk chocolate couverture 38,8%


Milk chocolate couverture with a predominant milky flavour. The crumb used during the process gives some caramelised touches.

Jade graph

Opal – White chocolate 30,3%


White chocolate that melts quickly and smoothly with vanilla notes.

graph opal

Arribas – Dark Chocolate 50%


Dark chocolate 50% of cocoa made from a tasty blend of Western African origin with intense cocoa taste.


5kg boxes of 25 tablets

**might contain nuts traces

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