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New chocolate factory in India

Barry Callebaut announces groundbreaking of new chocolate factory in Baramati, India

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Barry Callebaut Chocolate Blocks
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Changes in the Executive Committee of Barry Callebaut as of September 1, 2017

David S. Johnson, CEO & President Americas to retire; Peter Boone, currently Chief Innovation & Quality Officer, to succeed him; Pablo E. Perversi appointed new Chief Innovation & Quality Officer; Ben De Schryver, President Asia Pacific, promoted to member of the Executive Committee
Opening BC Studio Bandung

Opening new doors to Craft, Create & Collaborate!

Barry Callebaut today launches our first BC Studio in Asia. Built with a vision to cater to the evolving needs of food manufacturers and their markets in the region, the new BC Studio in Bandung, Indonesia, is a cool addition to our host of innovation capabilities.
sugar cane

Driving sustainable cane sugar production: Barry Callebaut joins Bonsucro

Barry Callebaut has joined Bonsucro, the global change platform for sugarcane. Sugar, being a key ingredient in chocolate, plays an important role in our Forever Chocolate sustainability journey towards 100% sustainable ingredients in our products.
Massimo Garavaglia and Valerio D'Orsogna
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Barry Callebaut to acquire D'Orsogna Dolciaria, a leading Specialties and Decorations player

Expanding presence in Specialties & Decorations segment
Barry Callebaut Chocolate Blocks
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World’s leading chocolate company Barry Callebaut to announce innovative breakthrough

Today, Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, announces a unique product innovation – one of the biggest breakthroughs in chocolate in 80 years. This invention, that has been in the making for more than 10 years, will be presented to the world during an exclusive event on September 5, 2017 in Shanghai, China.
Barry Callebaut Group – 9-Month Key Sales Figures 2016/17
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Barry Callebaut Group – 9-Month Key Sales Figures, Fiscal Year 2016/17

Good growth momentum continues
Cocoa farmers

Discovering chocolate’s true carbon cost

With multiple ingredients and a complex manufacturing and processing chain, calculating an accurate carbon footprint for chocolate is not as easy as it may seem. As we work towards becoming a carbon positive business, we’re improving how we measure and understand the carbon footprint of chocolate. This story shows how this is also helping us become a forest positive business.
CCA Conference Banner

cca conference banner

People all over the world carry some form of responsibility: some towards the American nation and others, towards making the planet great again. For us, it's the duty to “make Asian cocoa great again.”
Chefs at the pastry seminar in Milan in front of the Duomo

Gathering Barry Callebaut Gourmet Pastry Chefs from all over the world

Once every year Barry Callebaut invites all its Gourmet Pastry Chef for an event filled with enchanting sweet creations. 41 Chefs from 22 different countries flew over to Milano for this year’s 6th edition – some of them new joiners, but also passionate Chefs that have been part of the Barry Callebaut Gourmet community for more than 20 years.
Chocolate factory

Making chocolate in a factory: What’s real and what’s Hollywood?

It’s not every day that we open our chocolate factory to the public. Well, Willy Wonka certainly did not do that - except when he gave out golden tickets to some lucky children. We know how blessed we are to be making chocolate for the last 20 years in Singapore, so we decided to give Teresa an exclusive look into what really goes on inside our chocolate factory.
Barry Callebaut Factory Singapore 20y Anniversary

Growing up responsibly in Asia

20 years ago, on this date, Barry Callebaut opened its first chocolate factory in Asia. Our Regional President for Region Asia Pacific, Ben De Schryver, reflects on the meaning of this anniversary for him.
Chocolate Academy Milan inauguration

Barry Callebaut opens its 20th CHOCOLATE ACADEMY center in Milan

Together with Davide Comaschi, winner of 2013’s World Chocolate Masters, we had the pleasure to inaugurate our 20th CHOCOLATE ACADEMY center, accompanied by some of our senior management members, sponsors and renowned chefs.
Barry Callebaut Chocolate Blocks
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Barry Callebaut couples sustainability with its renewed banking credit facility

Increase and extension of revolving credit facility
forever wall

Join us in making sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025!

In November 2016, Barry Callebaut launched FOREVER CHOCOLATE, its new sustainability strategy with four ambitious goals, as well as measurable commitments. Our CEO, Antoine de Saint-Affrique, explains below why FOREVER CHOCOLATE is at the core of our company and makes perfect business sense.
Palm oil kernels

Transforming the palm oil industry: Barry Callebaut joins the Palm Oil Innovation Group

Under its sustainability strategy Forever Chocolate, Barry Callebaut has committed to have 100% of the ingredients in its products coming from sustainable sources as well as zero deforestation in its supply chain. Sustainable palm oil plays an important role in fulfilling both of these objectives.
School Class in Côte d'Ivoire

Birth certificates - and why they can be crucial to avoid child labor

Today, June 12, is the World Day Against Child Labor. As a company deeply rooted in cocoa origin countries and communities, especially in West Africa, we are still faced with the fact that children are working on cocoa farms, predominantly in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. That is why we committed to eradicating child labor from our supply chain by 2025. Supporting parents in formally registering their children is one element in a portfolio of actions we do.
Cocoa Farmers in Tanzania

Reaching farmers – how Joyce Iponja is helping to empower cocoa growers in Tanzania

How to give farmers in remote places better access to supplies of seedlings? An initiative in Tanzania is bringing together cocoa farmers with people from local communities in order to improve the distribution of cocoa seedlings and enhance livelihoods. The program is part of Barry Callebaut’s sustainability strategy ‘Forever Chocolate’ and is driven by its direct sourcing organization Biolands in cooperation with KIM’s Chocolates.
Barry Callebaut and the Chocolate Academy Mexico announced the opening  of their new offices in Mexico City
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Barry Callebaut and the Chocolate Academy Mexico announced the opening of their new offices in Mexico City

On Thursday May 18 th , Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading supplier of chocolate and cocoa products, and the Chocolate Academy Mexico inaugurated their new offices in Mexico City, accompanied by the company’s senior management, special guests (ambassadors), renowned chefs and media outlets.

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