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Trends & insights by Innova Market Insights - by Gaynor Selby

Introducing this webinar, Gaynor Selby, Editor at CNS Media presents some insights from Innova Market Insights on the latest developments in the Confectionery, Bakery & Pastry, Biscuits and Ice cream segments with a focus on products with Coatings & Fillings.

Indulgent coated & filled recipes - by Barry Callebaut Chef Joël Perriard

Joël Perriard, Chef at Barry Callebaut, shares his take on texture and flavor elements that are key to a truly indulgent experience when it comes to tablets, tarts and ice cream sticks. 

Technical expertise - by Barry Callebaut Expert Xavier Geenens

Xavier Geenens, R&D Product Expert Manager Compounds and Fillings, brings us in the lab to unveil all the secrets to successfully use coatings & fillings in treats.

Coatings & Fillings Portfolio for Confectionery, Bakery & Pastry, Biscuits & Cereals and Ice cream - by Ilaria Chialà, Category Manager Coatings & Fillings

Finally, Ilaria Chialà explains more about Barry Callebaut’s capabilities when it comes to Coatings & Fillings, the whole portfolio with a focus on flavors and textures.

Rewatch our Coatings and Fillings webinar

Coatings and Fillings webinar

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