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Where do we source almonds? How do they grow? Get to know our delicious almond products.

Great taste starts with great almonds

Almonds are thought to originate from Asia. Explorers travelling the Silk road from Asia to the Mediterranean ate almonds and Romans liked them. Before long, almond trees flourished in Spain and Italy where they are still growing today.

In 2018/19, the estimated world almond production in kernel (International Nut Council) reached 1’258’000 metric tons. The US are the biggest producer with 1’000’000MT, followed by Australia (80 400MT) and Spain (61’000MT).

We source part of our almonds in Spain, through long-standing relationships with local suppliers. Depending on specific product characteristics, we also source almonds from California. Being located so close to the Spanish nut orchards, we possess unique sourcing expertise and also know where to source the best almonds around the world.

Almond crocant - pieces of almond and caramelized sugar
Spanish almond orchard

How are almonds grown?

The almond growing period goes from February to September in Spain. Mid-winter, almond trees are in bloom and bees are essential to pollination. Once pollinated, flowers eventually develop into delicious almonds, which are picked in September with the utmost care and speed to preserve their exceptional quality and flavor. 

Separate quote: Without bees, no almonds. As of 2019, we are working to improve biodiversity and preserve bee populations with one of our almond suppliers by implementing best practices in almond orchards.

Taste the difference with our almond products

Once harvested, we treat almonds with utmost care to preserve their authentic flavors, only to be unleashed in your creations. We’re passionate about nuts, and are proud to offer the best almonds can offer:

  • Roasted: whole or in pieces

  • Caramelized: fully coated (sablages), with pieces of caramelized sugar (crocants), nougatines

  • Fillings

  • Pralinés

  • Pastes & nut butters

  • Coatings

  • Single Origin/variety: Marcona, Valencia, Spanish, Californian,...


Certifications available: organic

Blanched almond paste, almond butter

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