About Carma

Carma is the Swiss dessert partner of choice for chefs, chocolatiers and pastry chefs across the world. We give chocolate professionals a solid foundation with the reliability of Swiss craftsmanship.

How it all began

Carma started in 1931 in Zurich, Switzerland with the sweet tooth of our visionary founder, Carl Maentler. Maentler’s mission was to leave a lasting impression on Swiss dessert culture by making the working lives of bakers and pastry chefs easier. By offering ingredients of highest quality and workability, Carma was quickly recognized as a reliable partner in the bakers and confectioners’ industry.

Carl Maentler

Our Approach

Carma Creativity Simplicity

Maentler’s spirit and mission are still alive and well in our approach today. Life in a professional kitchen is challenging and more complex than ever before: you have to work faster, meeting changing customer expectations every day. We know that to inspire your creativity, you need the most reliable, high quality products. To make this happen, we combine Swiss craftsmanship with finest flavour, offering a curated palette of ingredients that boost your confidence in your daily challenges. Part of our passion is also a dedication to preserving the future of chocolate, which is why we aim to make sustainable chocolate the norm.

Work smart. Work simple. And above all, work creative. When the pressure is on, all you have to rely on is your experience and the ingredients you work with. Be confident in both. Meet the challenge, every day.