Van Houten vending


Discover the pleasures of delicious cocoa and chocolate drink powders, perfected for vending machines. Discover the world-famous Van Houten taste. With excellent machine functionality, no clogging and incredible ease, you’ll experience first-class flavours and consistent quality in every cup.


van houten dark

Spoil your customers with the intense taste of dark chocolate and cocoa drink powders for vending.


van houten milk

Smoothness in every sip, that’s what it means to drink Van Houten milk chocolate and cocoa drink powders for vending. Ready to delight?


van houten white

With our white chocolate flavoured drink powder, you’ll soon be serving a delicious white chocolate drink from your vending machine.



Looking to bring plant-based hot chocolate into your vending machine?

Offer a 100% vegan drink with Van Houten Oat Cocoa Drink Powder, here to help you give your customers what they’re really craving.


How to grow your vending business

Need video, marketing support, or tips & tricks to get more sales out of your vending machine?

We have got your covered.


Join us on a journey towards sustainable Chocolate

Customers nowdays demand to know the origins of theire chocolate. That's why Van Houten works hard to put sustainability on the menu. ThroughCocoa Horizons, every Van Houten vending drink is helping farmers build self-sustaining cocoa communities that protect nature and their children 

Van Houten-chocolate-powder

The Original Chocolate pioneer

Since 1828, Van Houten has been at the forefront of everything that is chocolate. In the 19th century, Van Houten was responsible for every major  innovation in the chocolate industry. Today, we are ready to revolutionise your vending. 

van houten vending

Your daily cup of cocoa divinity

We believe, every day, you have a right to the ultimate treat: a heavenly sip of chocolate. As industry pioneers, we have set the bar and consistently raised it. Ready to experience a new world of drinks?

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