The richest flavor and color cocoa powders

Indulgent chocolate notes, deep dark colours. Desserts with smooth and velvety textures - the Bensdorp cocoa powders allow you to let your fantasy run its course.

Cocoa powders for indulgent chocolate flavor

Cocoa powders for indulgent chocolate flavor

- Chilled desserts prepared with natural cocoa powders have more caramel notes than when prepared with alkalised powders. The more the powder is alkalised, the more intense the chocolate, cocoa flavor will be. Medium/high alkalised cocoa powders will display more premium, richer, lingering chocolate flavors.

- For a more intense chocolate flavor, simply increase the amount of cocoa powder used in the recipe.

Cocoa powders for a premium color sensory

- We recommend to use 3-4% of cocoa powder in your recipe. For a darker color, either increase the amount or switch to a powder with a higher degree of alkalisation.

- The dry color of the powder changes as the powder is blended in the application. Therefore when selecting your color, we recommend to always test the wet (intrinsic) color.

- In application, low fat cocoa powders have a darker color than their high fat counterparts with the same degree of alkalisation.

Cocoa powders for a premium color sensory

Irresistible textures

Irresistible textures

- The new Bensdorp Dusting cocoa powder is ideal for applications with high moisture content and gives a nice matt velvety finishing touch to your creations such as tiramisu.  

- For corner pots, cocoa nibs and our croquoa can bring a rough artisanal feel to your creations with a nice crunch and a slightly bitter flavor.

- Alkalised cocoa powders react with gelling agents and impact the texture of the application. For high-gelled applications using carrageenan, we recommend to either choose a light alkalised cocoa powder or adjust the recipe to obtain the desired firmness.

Chocolate Claims

- When blended with sugar, Bensdorp’s selection of high fat cocoa powders (20/22 & 22/24) allow you to claim ‘Chocolate’ on your package.

- With Bensdorp’s 100% Dairy Free Dark Chocolate powder you can show real pieces of chocolate on pack and claim: ‘Dark chocolate’.

Chocolate Claims

Dairy-free indulgence

Dairy-free indulgence

We have selected the best cocoa powder flavors for your dairy free desserts:

- For almond milk recipes, prefer Bensdorp Dairy Free Dark Chocolate powder for its round caramel, nutty flavor.

- Coconut milk recipes work particularly well with the DW cocoa powder which brings a nice balanced chocolate, caramel flavor.

- For soy milk, we recommend the Santo Domingo origin for its balanced cocoa chocolate flavor.  

For other plant based dairy-free dessert applications please contact us to find the best matching cocoa powder maximizing your flavor and color experience.

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