175 years of industry innovation

The Barry Callebaut Group sets the standard for innovation in chocolate and cocoa. Here, a look back at some of the Barry Callebaut Group’s innovative products and services.


Callebaut becomes the first company to produce liquid chocolate couverture. Using a revolutionary process invented by Frans Callebaut, the liquid Belgian chocolate couverture (high-quality confectioners’ chocolate made with a high percentage of cocoa butter) helped lower the cost of chocolate by eliminating the need for chocolate to be solidified first in blocks, tablets or bars.

Barry Callebaut liquid chocolate couverture


Cacao Barry becomes the first chocolate brand to offer personalized assistance and support for food professionals. The world-famous Academy Cacao Barry, led by trained technical advisors, provided culinary professionals with information on the latest trends, recipes and techniques. Today, the tradition continues at the Barry Callebaut Group’s 21 Chocolate Academies throughout the world, and through an e-learning platform for chocolate professionals launched in November 2018.

Chocolate Academy chef


Callebaut offers easy to measure Callets™. Small, flat discs of chocolate, Callets™, are a unique product that comes pretempered (heated and cooled to the right temperature in order to use for coating or dipping). They can be easily measured and melted, saving chefs from having to chop large bars or chunks of chocolate into smaller pieces.

Barry Callebaut callets


Cacao Barry becomes the first chocolate brand to introduce single-origin chocolate. Thanks to its presence in Africa, Cacao Barry is the first to bring distinct single-origin chocolates (fine chocolate made with a single cocoa bean variety grown and harvested in a specific region of the world) to market.



Barry Callebaut becomes the first company to develop a new, healthier type of sugar-reduced chocolate. While many sugar-reduced or sugar-free products replace sugar with polyols (sugar alcohols)–which can have a laxative effect– Barry Callebaut’s sugar-reduced chocolate replaces part of the sugar with dietary fibers from the cocoa bean. These fibers offer many health-related benefits in comparison to sucrose, such as a lower caloric content, an improved digestive effect, and reduced risk of dental cavities.

Sugar reduced chocolate


Lactose-free milk chocolate Barry Callebaut launches a new lactose-free milk chocolate, the first to be sold in the company’s Europe region. This is a guaranteed 100% dairy-free alternative to milk chocolate in industrial quantities. The new chocolate differs from existing offerings by using a special skimmed milk powder with the lowest lactose content available on the market.

Dairy free chocolate


Barry Callebaut gets EU approval for the health claim on ACTICOA® products. Based on over 20 human clinical studies, Barry Callebaut obtained EU approval for the use of the health claim on its ACTICOA® cocoa powders and dark chocolates that “cocoa flavanols support a healthy blood flow”—the first such health claim in the cocoa and chocolate industry. The ACTICOA® process preserves up to 80% of the naturally present cocoa flavanols, which are destroyed in conventional chocolate-making processes.



Barry Callebaut launches the six-year project COMETA. To strengthen its leadership position, Barry Callebaut expanded the cooperation with the Jacobs University in Bremen and launched the six-year project COMETA. The project is aimed at precisely analyzing and classifying the 100,000 chemical components of the cocoa bean. The knowledge gained will be used to develop new quality tests for cocoa.



Barry Callebaut develops a toolbox to make chocolate and compounds more thermo tolerant for different applications. By optimizing the use of ingredients and production processes, a solution matrix was created to make chocolate thermo tolerant to an additional 4°C rise in temperature without the loss of taste, workability and applicability. This opens new possibilities for clients to use chocolate and compounds in warmer areas.

Barry Callebaut Heat tolerant chocolate


Ruby chocolate, unveiled in Shanghai on September 5, 2017, is widely considered by KOFs, artisans and industry players as the biggest discovery in chocolate making over the past 80 years. Ruby chocolate has a fresh berry-fruity taste and characteristic color. Ruby chocolate is made from the ruby cocoa bean. No berries, berry flavor nor color are added. Ruby is already available in about 40 markets worldwide

Ruby Chocolate by Barry Callebaut

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