Denver Speculoos Protein Bites

Delicious chocolate protein bites by Gabrielle Hatch

Denver Speculoos Protein Bites

Ingredients Preparation
  • 275g
    Dried dates, pitted
  • 40g
    sliced almond
  • 5g
    vanilla extract
  • 42g
    chia seeds
  • 1g
    Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • 1g
    Ginger, ground
  • 0.4g
    ground cinnamon
  • 0.1g
    ground nutmeg
  • 0.1g
    ground cloves
  • 0.1g
    ground cadamom
  • As needed
    granulated almonds

1. In the bowl of a robot coupe, pulse the dates until they are chopped up.
2. Sift the spices (including the matcha) and add in the spices, chia seeds, sliced almonds and vanilla extract.
3. Blend up in the robot coupe until the mixture is well blended.
4. Scoop small scoops of the mixture and roll each scoop into a ball.
5. Temper the Van Leer Denver 50% Dark Chocolate and roll or dip the bites in the tempered chocolate. Immediately toss in the granulated almonds before the chocolate sets.

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