Birth of a timeless classic

timeless classic

Birth of a timeless classic

From their first 5 Italian-style cappuccino drinks to today, with over 30 years of experience, Caprimo without question revolutionised the vending machine market with its delicious ready-mixed instant beverages. Their success would lead to many unexplored flavour innovations. Still today, Caprimo introduces people to exciting new product launches!

An instant success story


The 5 first vending mixes launched under Danish dairy company MD Foods.

MD foods
italian cappuccino


The enormous popularity of the classic Italian cappuccino in Europe led to the launch of a world premiere: the first ever ready-mixed cappuccino for vending machines.


The ready-mixed vending drinks of MD Foods are named Caprimo. It is a reference to the beautiful Italian island of Capri, just south of the Gulf of Naples.


1996 – 2000 

AM Foods was established in 1996 when MD Foods in Sønderby Denmark moved its production to the state-of-the-art production site in Kågeröd, Sweden owned by the dairy company Arla.

AM Foods offers a complete product range of more than 100 high-quality instant beverages, both branded and private label, dedicated for vending, catering and retail channels. The branded assortment is marketed under the brand names Caprimo® and Ögonblink®. Caprimo introduces a range of flavoured chocolate drinks (orange, mint) and cappuccinos to the Scandinavian Retail business.

Packshots caprimo


Barry Callebaut acquires AM Foods, a subsidiary of Arla Foods.

2003 - 2005

Caprimo offers a trendy range of 6 flavoured cappuccinos to reintroduce more indulgent, high-quality drinks onto the market. At the same time, the brand wins the Vending Innovation Award for Caprimo Cappuccino Vanilla, Noisette and Caramel.

Noisette, Caramal, Vanille and Cappuccino
Cappuccinos flavoured caprimo


Caprimo offers a trendy range of 6 flavoured cappuccinos.


Caprimo launches its Organic range of hot chocolate drinks, milks and coffees. It offers the perfect balance between delicious taste and sustainably sourced ingredients. Free from any artificial colourants or flavourings.

Organic coffee

MORE IN 2014... 

Classic desserts are introduced to the range. Flavours like Caprimo Crème Brûlée capture the delightful profile of the caramel crusted dessert in a heavenly drinking experience, and become a huge success.

Caprimo speculoos


Following the success of Caprimo’s cappuccino dessert drinks, Caprimo launches an indulgent dessert drink that captures the authentic flavor of the classic Belgian biscuit Speculoos in one delicious drink.


Caprimo launches Caprimo Skimmed Milk, a delightful pure agglomerated skimmed milk powder that adds the great taste of fresh milk to every cup. It also adds Caprimo Mint Tea to its tea offer and Caprimo Macaron Pistachio to its dessert drinks.

Macaron pistachio

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