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Barry Callebaut has a wide range of ingredients, serving the needs of our customers active in various bakery categories. Whether you are producing bread, pastries, cakes, biscuits, cereals or protein bars, you will find numerous ingredients to pimp the inside or outside of your product.

The portfolio consists of much more than chocolate! We also have fillings, coatings, cocoa powders, and multi-sensorial sprinkles & inclusions such as chocolate sprinkles or biscuit sprinkles, and freshly roasted specialty nuts.

Browse through our product section to find out more about how to bring exciting flavours & textures.

At Barry Callebaut we try to understand what the end consumer wants when he is confronted with all the options in the supermarket shelves and is faced with a purchase decision.

What are the products benefits consumers are actively looking for? We are eager to know what the future of confectionery & bakery looks like. Which trends are there to stay? Will hyper indulgence make baked goods more appealing to consumers? Or should we be concerned with improving nutritional values in pursuit of a better nutriscore? We have a consumer & market insights team to answer exactly these questions.


Deep Dive in the key trends

Cookies with nuts and protein chocolate chips

Better for us all

Consumers are more nutritionally savvy than ever & are becoming increasingly demanding about the ingredients in their food.

What are the 4 food requirements today's consumers are looking for?

Ruby Chocolate Cheesecake, made by chef Willem Verlooy

Make My Day Special

Consumers have strong emotional ties to the bakery category, those  can also have the power to make all our days a little bit better.

Which bakery trends will make your consumer's day special?

Choco Tartelettes with chocolate filling, brownie pieces and a touch of gold, made by Chef Martin Diez.

Next level Indulgence

Consumers first and foremost turn to sweet bakery goods to treat themselves.

How can you make your baked goods more appealing to consumers looking for a sweet delight?

More Trends & Insights

Organic baked goods

Organic, a key claim in cereals and baked goods

Consuming organic products moved from being a hype to become a lifestyle. Discover what it means for baked goods and cereals manufacturers, and get inspired by Barry Callebaut concepts.

How to work with ruby chocolate

How to work with ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate’s fruity taste calls for bold and unusual food pairings. But pay close attention when working with ruby chocolate to ensure the chocolate keeps its original flavor and color.

Bakery & Pastry Plant Craft at Barry Callebaut

Protein bars: Plant-based on a growth trajectory

Plant-based nutrition bars is a fast growing niche within the fast-growing healthy bars category. Discover inspiring launches and dream about your next plant-based creations with our delicious vegan and dairy-free products.

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